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Premier General Contrcting; Building Material Trading & Ramla Electro-Mechanical Establishment. All were well-recognized in and around Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The petitioner tried to energize the above firms and it's activities from India.

The petitioner created, probably the first web initiative in the field of HVAC, in the UAE. (Websites are available online. For demo only, not active in the business). 

(After the shocking incident, practically there was nobody to manage the above institutions. Instead, there were many 'Eaters of the dead' all around.

(Some of the details are available here at:- Man With Power Of Attorney, UAE; The Accused of Stealing Funds)

Company Website - Developed in the year of 1999 ; Deactivated in 2002.
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Main Site:- www.hvacuae.com/premier
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Premier Contracting Main ; Premier civil & general contracting ;
Premier HVAC & Refrigeration ;  Premier Speciality Services ;
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Other Sites:- Aircons.com ; Split AC.com ; HVAC UAE.com ;
HVAC Saudi.com
; & HVAC Middle East.com
Summer Pool Trading Material
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Exhibit B2 (b2) Man with Power of Attorney Abu Dhabi:
Documentations - Case No 2557 UAE Timeline Case 2557 UAE India
Exhibits Main Case No 2557 UAE Premier Contracting Case No 2557 UAE
Asset Details Case 2557 UAE Ramla Electromechanical Case No 2557 UAE
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