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The Lawyers India, Legal Research & Outsourcing consists of lead Lawyers who are engaged on a retainer basis for completing all assigned legal work and form part of the core team of our business. They are well-qualified professionals who hold law degrees from top law schools in India and have more than seven years of litigation practice in various Courts, primarily the Supreme Court and the High Courts of Delhi, Bombay and Kerala. To assist them with matters involving scientific issues, a dynamic team of Legal, Engineering and Medical professionals work along with them, to identify legally important scientific facts from the entire gamut of evidence and literature on the subject. The Medical and Engineering professionals are highly experienced and have served in senior positions in Government and Corporate organizations. The head office of Juris Consultus is located at Kochi – Kerala State, with a branch office in New Delhi. Apart from a well-stacked library, our lawyers have access to essential on-line legal tools for research and analysis. Our team members are fully conversant in the use of computers for document preparation and conducting on-line research. The following are the principal India-specific advantages offered by  legal out-sourcing.

  • The Legal systems in India and the US are all rooted in British Common Law.
  • Indian Lawyers do not require much additional training to do standard legal work arising from matters which are fundamentally based on Common Law.
  • Indian legal training is conducted solely in English.
  • Appellate and Supreme Court proceedings in India take place exclusively in English.
  • Indian legal opinions are written exclusively in English.
  • Due to the time-zone differences, nighttime in the US is daytime in India, which means that our clients' projects get 24-hour attention, and some projects can be completed overnight.
  • Availability of High-speed Internet connections makes access to US legal databases possible.
  • Apart from helping the US lawyers minimize time-consuming paperwork, it effectively saves cost as well.

To ensure quality, we emphasize that all outsourced work form the US necessarily be (scrutinized) reviewed by a team of US based Attorneys represented by a firm and governed by an agreement to monitor and implement quality control. All US-based projects are to be routed through them to us, and all completed projects are to be returned back to clients (through a final quality check conducted) after the final review by the associate US firm.

All legal projects and assignments are defined through a standard project input form expressly specifying the requirements and time limitations. Clarifications, if any, are communicated by e-mail, or by any other mutually agreed mode. Thereafter the work is formally accepted by a confirmation email message duly signed digitally by our authorized signatory.   


At Juris Consultus, we are committed to maintain the highest level of confidentiality on all data and documents exchanged with our clients. We will ensure that the000 confidentiality is not breached under any circumstance, except under requirements of law. In the event a case contains sensitive facts and information disclosing the identity of the affected party, we would make necessary modifications to prevent such disclosure to our Legal and research teams, based on specific request, from our clients of such a need, before the project is undertaken.

Our rates

Our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry. Please contact us for details of hourly rates which vary from case to case.

Our payment terms:  50% of the agreed price to be paid before the commencement of service, and the balance due within fifteen (15) business days of delivery of legal product/ service to the client.

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