Review of Evidence & documents of past court cases
  • The Lawyers India Legal Reserch & Outsourcing is a multidisciplinary team of Legal, Technology and Management professionals. They are backed by a team of US-based attorneys, and all deliverables are routed through them for ensuring compliance with the accepted norms of quality and standard.

  • The legal team we engage are regular legal practitioners in the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts, who deal in various litigation areas, particularly Interstate Water Disputes, Oil and Natural Gas, Patent law and International Arbitrations,  Criminal Law, Insurance Law, Legal and Medical malpractice, Environmental Law, Narcotics and Drugs Law, Constitutional Law, Labor Law and Motor Accident claims. The combined experience of our technical team measures over 40 professional years. These relate to senior positions in government and top-of-the-line Indian corporate organizations.
  • Our legal associates at Juris Consultus are screened and selected by our senior lead lawyers, based on proficiency in the English language, computer literacy and awareness of the standards and demands of US clients

Our lead lawyers have had several years of association with reputable organizations influencing national policy and have been part of teams that assisted Courts in rendering landmark decisions.   For example, members of our team have been consultants with a leading science, technology and engineering research Institute, the IIT-Kanpur,  on works related to Patents, and have had wide exposure to Drafting, Filing, Search, Prosecution, Examination of Patent applications in India and familiarity with online search of databases, Identification of invention, and suggesting inventive step. Areas covered include Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical, Aerospace and Bio Engineering. They are also well-versed in Patent Laws of the US, the European Union and the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

They have also dealt with litigation cases in various Forums in India like the National Commission for Consumer Disputes, MRTP, Company Law Board, BIFR, AIFR and the Appellate Board under FERA, and have conducted various Arbitration cases. Some of our lead Lawyers have represented the State Government for several years before the Supreme Court in various matters pertaining to Service Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional matters, Narcotics and Psychotropic substances Act, Arbitration, Employment matters, Contract, Environmental law, Educational matters, Land Acquisition, Industrial matters, Excise & Tax, Tenders and in Interstate Water Dispute cases between riparian States.  They have dealt with the entire case-law relating to water disputes in the US and other Rules pertaining to sharing of International waters like the Helsinki and Berlin Rules.

Other areas of experience include Global Tenders, Criminal law, Arbitration cases, Employment rights, Family Law and Divorce, Real Estate, Wills, Probate, Consumer Protection cases, Insurance, Information Technology, Trademarks and Copyright.


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