Drawing up legally significant facts from scientific material

Our Partnership in India consists of Legal, Paralegal, Engineering, Medical and Computer Software professionals who provide primarily legal and paralegal services exclusively for US Lawyers and Law Firms. Our teams of professionals and experts have honed their skills to cover the breadth of research, investigation, document review, transcript summaries, organization and case preparation. We provide comprehensive and well-contained legal research in specific areas and litigation support services to US Attorneys. Our experts have been consciously selected for providing fast and efficient legal document preparation to enable you to spend your time counseling your clients and building your practice.

Experts in Engineering, Medical and Computer fields can assist in framing your scientific issues in the context of law after a detailed analysis of the applicable Statutes and the declared law. They would deal with, and enable you to incorporate and better analyze, Engineering and Medical standards in litigation matters, especially with regard to duty of care in Torts. Our legal experts jointly work with our scientific experts to assist you in drafting deposition questions. Our Team of Experts has the experience and ability to find and apply case-laws, Statutes and Regulations that are relevant to each case. Moreover, we are equipped with tools necessary to assist you find legally significant facts from scientific, engineering and medical journals, patents and other reports for effectively preparing your case. We proof each document with extreme care for accuracy to give you the best information without any loss of time.           

 Our Patent Lawyers and Engineering experts work together on the assigned task to provide you with Patent services which include Patent analysis, preparation and litigation support services in drafting claims. We cover Aerospace, Biological Sciences & Biotechnology, Chemical, Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Science.

Our Litigation Lawyers are experienced in dealing with Interstate Water Disputes and rights of riparian States with special knowledge of all decisions rendered by the US Supreme Court pertaining to Water Disputes. We are capable of analyzing all these landmark decisions and assisting you in preparing your cases. Their practice areas also cover Insurance, Property, Contracts, International Arbitration, Oil and Natural Gas, Global Tenders, Telecommunication Disputes, Information Technology, Personal Injury, Wills, Probate, Divorce, Consumer Rights, Labor and Employment.  
We also provide you with services that require combing through the entire gamut of evidence at hand and other documents from past Court records in preparation of your case. Our professionals help you reduce volumes of testimony to essential and relevant facts, and summarize important events. Legal Memoranda on any legal issue can also be drawn up by our professionals.

Our Team has the competence and ability to deal with clients from any jurisdiction in the US. All information including assignment instructions, data and legal documents exchanged with our clients would be strictly confidential and would be transferred only via secure encrypted mail.

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