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[The assets value of {1}. Ramla Electro-Mechanical Establishment, {2}. Summer Pool Trading Est., and {3}. Premier General Contracting Est. in Abu Dhabi, UAE., Group of concerns, the value estimated including work contracts, human resources and procurement in projects of worth US Dollar $10 crore].


Undertake Expert Consulting and Estimation of HVAC Projects, Commissioning, Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing and Assemblies including Switchgear, Transmission Busbars etc. We maintain the standard of indoor air-quality, monitor and manage energy related operation cost, that range from calculating building heat loss and gain to the design of complete comfort systems].


Alternative Energy, Building Automation, Safety Control, Environmental Safety, Refrigerant Safety (At what types of refrigerants are to be phased out by the Clean Air Act of United States), Firefighting Variants, Security Access Control, Burglary Alarm, Building Demolition, HVAC Software. Please Visit Link for More Information: SPECIALITY SERVICES].


Building Materials Trading & ContractingSupply and Installation of Tiles, Granites, Heavy Duty Equipments, Paints, Adhesives, Chemicals and other construction meterials Sanitaryware, Accessories, Luxury Products for Kitchen, Bathroom etc., Piping, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Safety & Protection Equipments including Electrical and Electronics in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Projects.].


Supply, Installations & Replacements:- Some of the work includes Low Voltage Wiring, Humidity Control, Remodeling Compressors from Centrifugal/Reciprocating to Rotary/Screw/Scroll, Complete system overhauling and rebuilding, Remodeling Temperature Control Systems, A/C Tune-ups, Building pressure Assessments, Infiltration & Pollution Prevention, Air Cleaners and Purifiers, Odour Absorbers, Sound Absorbers etc.].


Activities involved Electrical Contracting, Installations & Maintenance of Central A/C., Elevators, Fire & Safety, Demolition etc. [A copy of Trade License, some of the related work orders, contracts, sample of ad material, purchasing documents of building properties and prime properties of the ruling family of the country is also enclosed herewith for ready reference].

  • Demolition Contracting
  • Demolition Consulting
  • Plant Dismantling
  • Removal of Penthouses
  • Plant Decommissioning
  • Tower Demolition
  • Interior Strip-Outs

Tasks undertaken to suit client requirements include:- Design and Construction, Building Automation, Civil Works, Services & Utilities, Flooring, Renovation of Buildings, Home Plans & Design, Exterior and Interior Design, Paving and Driveways, Landscaping, Pools, Saunas & Hot Tubs, Patios & Gazebos, Carpentry, Masonry, Ducting, Electrical Works, Fire & Safety Protection, Industrial Ventilation / Exhaust, Instrumentation, Insulation, Partitioning, Painting, Roofing, False-ceiling, Plumbing, Piping - Refrigerant / Steam / Water, Shifting, Structural Fabrications, Industrial Plants, Central Plants, Preventive Building Maintenance Contracts and Turnkey Project Participations in Private / Public Service Sectors.].

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