PROPERTY - Case No 2557 UAE                                                                          

Summer-Pool Building material Trading


When the petitioner (Our client) was illegally detained, all the trading activities of Summerpool Building Material Est., was stalled; resulting a sudden, unintended consequences and heavy loss in business. The establishment's showroom was occupied an entire ground floor of a Nine Storey Building, located on the Airport Road, Abu Dhabi.

The petitioner was the sole investor of the firm, the 'Summerpool Building Material Trading'. He authorised to Mr. Arif Kunhimon, our client's brother-in-law and remunerated for the services rendered.

The person hand in glove in collusion with Mr.Abdul Jaleel (The person with power of attorney, UAE., accused of stealing funds) were equally responsible to a large scale violation of embezzling money that has been placed in their trust. ...

Exhibit S1 (a1) Summer Pool Building material Trading:                                                                                                       
Exhibit S2 (a1) Summer Pool Signature Authorization:                                                                                                         
Exhibit S3 (a1) Rental Agreement of Summer Pool, Airport Road Building: (Arabic)
Exhibit S4 (a) Contract with ADMA - OPCO - Sales Agreement of Summer Pool: 30/04/94
Exhibit S5 (a) Contract - Sales Agreement of Summer Pool: 22/04/94)

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