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Help us reach our goals by making a contribution to enforce the UAE Judgment(s)


Help us reach our goals by making a contribution to enforce the UAE Judgment(s)

The petitioner, a UAE torture survivor, is aimed to take his case to the next level of courts, the "International Court of Justice and arbitral tribunals" - We need your active support to expose the debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud and other henious acts to avoid honoring their obligations. ...Please visit "A PORTFOLIO OF UAE JUDGMENTS FOR SALE!’


The Government of India is duty bound to safeguard the interests of its citizen who was victimized by Abu Dhabi,
UAE, the receiving state. These actions and omissions on the part of the Government is contrary to the ‘Vienna
Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR) 1963’ particularly Article 5, enforced from 19-3-1967.

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"Reminder to the Ministry of External Affairs, dated July 16, 2014" MEA


  • “The establishments of institutional arrangements for the welfare of ‘Overseas Indian Community’, as highlighted by the Government of India, are intentionally deceptive, untruthful and purport to demonstrate that there are procedural remedies or tactics. Serious failures and inadequacies to comply with statutory or regulatory obligations on the part of both the Ministries, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) & the ‘Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs’ (MOIA) now stand proved by the subsequent communications received by the petitioner from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India”. 'TIMELINE HIGHLIGHTING SUBMISSIONS & RESPONSES'

  • The second (Important) reminder notice to the MEA.

  • The second (important) reminder notice to the Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi expressing concerns in not implementing the order of the Delhi High Court in relation to the applicant’s grievances against the UAE Government, the ‘Appalling Ignorance’ of the Government of India of the functions of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961 of United Nations, the Arab Charter on Human Rights, adopted in 1994 by the League of Arab States other Charter Provisions, Statutes etc. The reminder notice was also questioned vide letter dated: 02-05-2013 from Shri A.R.Ghanashyam, Joint Secretary, MEA (Gulf & Hajj), which contained substantial misrepresentation of facts. 'The second (Important) reminder notice to the MEA'

The ‘Sourcebook of Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’


Dear Sponsor,
[You are cordially invited to join us as a Sponsor of the Sourcebook]

The ‘Sourcebook of Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’ reveals a truly horrific experience, roughly 19 years of the author’s prime of life, who is a UAE torture survivor of inside the regime’s brutal prison in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and most importantly a THREE times of ‘Judgment Creditor’ from the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and still is frustrated in the course of enforcing his judgments.

The book also exposes ‘the Myths and reality’ of the Ministry of Overseas
Indian Affairs & Ministry of Indian External Affairs.

The bureaucrats in both the Ministries (MOIA & MEA) are pretends to be public servants, all the while they are greedy blood suckers selling Indian workforce to the so called Gulf States, no matter how deeply their wounds may run. Indian migrants in the Gulf countries are continue to be exposed to the gross violation of Human Rights and exploitation, without due respect of their life and dignity.

On the other hand, the victimization is multiplied many fold by the lack of knowledge or understanding
of international norms and standards among the judiciary, that has been entrusted with a greater responsibility of supporting the victims and the survivors….VISIT ‘JFS PUBLICATIONS!’


Highlights - Case No 2557 UAE - P.K. Jabir, 'Lawyers India' client

  • The offending State of UAE which is responsible vicariously for the crimes, torts and other illegal actions of its officials. The situation in which a citizen of India is totally deprived of his property has, it is respectfully submitted, its constitutional implications. ... Main Case (Reg. No 2557 UAE, Lawyers India)
    Safeguard the Rule of Law by ensuring Justice, Freedom and Peace in society.


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